I offer a variety of services, all tailored to a family’s needs.  These include:

  • Inform, empower, and educate parents/caregivers
  • One-to-one consultation with parents/caregivers on the child’s current performance, review history, and discuss their vision for the future
  • Review and examine records, evaluations, assessments, developmental history, current and past education IEPs, general education report cards, and progress reports
  • Design the right action plan to best serve a child’s unique needs resulting from their disability
  • Build a “home team” that supports the the unique needs of the child and is willing to work collaboratively with the school
  • Represent parents’ concerns and visions at IEP team meetings
  • Draft professional, persuasive, and fact-driven correspondence for school and other agencies
  • Match the needs of the child to programs/type of placements
  • Identify appropriate placements and visit with parents (if needed)
  • Recommend appropriate services or testing protocols that will meet the child’s unique profile and provide evidence to support changes in the IEP
  • Monitor progress and suggest IEP program modifications, as needed
  • Conduct home visits, school observations, trainings, workshops, upon request, to parents and school teams
  • Maintain meaningful and positive collaborations with outside providers and the school-based team and collaborate effectively to get your child what they need to succeed.

Rates range from $90-$125/hour.  I take 2 pro-bono cases as a time.  I offer reduced rates ($75/hr, rarely $50/hour) to families who can demonstrate financial need.  I also offer payment plans, as needed.  I believe advocacy should be affordable to all.  Did you know DDS can and will per their regulations pay for advocacy?