Why I *love* my job

61001652_10157650366189341_4755825460183564288_nSome days and weeks I absolutely LOVE ❤️ my job. There have been lots of those occasions this week. I want to share WHY this work means so much to me.

This amazing little boy happens to have autism. He is learning to communicate effectively.  In the years I have known him, I have been privileged to be part of his team, working with some great folks, conduct observations, attend meetings, do home visits, and get to know his awesome parents and home BCBAs. They are his BEST advocates, but it takes a village.

Some students need a more restrictive setting to access learning and make effective progress. So happy for him, and his mom and dad, that he will be starting at an amazing ABA private special education day school in a few short weeks

  • . *He will fly higher- and have the clinical supports onsite his unique needs require.*

Know if you are not in this place (the one where you worked with the team and “got to yes”) and maybe feeling discouraged… the process can and does work when many things happen, including looking at the process of getting any needed support as a marathon, not a sprint, working with the school and your chosen home team, and never stop believing in your kid (and data!). 💕💕💕💙💙💙

I am a very proud Consultant/Advocate, but after years, also someone who cares very much about his success.


*(express permission given by Parent/guardian to share photograph and general, non-identifying information)