Tales from an IEP Meeting

Sharing in hopes it may help someone else… Things I learned today as a mom: 1. People will passionately fight to make a child with autism and intellectual disability take a test (MCAS) that they concede he will fail. An easy way out for teachers vs. doing the work of putting together a portfolio. 2. The BACB ethical standards requiring 10% BCBA supervision time for all ABA programming provided is not popular with programs and districts, even when kids need it. It’s also sadly not accepted by some licensed BCBAs who are apparently willing to risk their licenses. 3. Transition meetings are extra-hard. 4. Numbers do matter. 5. Preparing a student to enter the adult world involves a whole village and team of people working together, even grudgingly, in the best interest of the student. 6. There is no perfect program, and finally… 7. It’s ok to discriminate against kids in a certain class at a program’s whim and to give some students favor. “We can’t change anything to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

Today showed me, the parent, why I have a job as an educational advocate.

Never stop advocating for your children.  It’s one thing in the journey of being a parent of a child with special needs I DO have control over.  I am a big part of my child’s VOICE and it’s my job to ensure his VISION is met.