Presume Competence. Always.

12193628_10153729559119294_3472513089276797932_nMy 16 year old son with autism was asked to present at the prestigious Harvard Medical School Child Neurology Conference today.  He did so with the support of a PowerPoint.  I was blown away.  He told the crowd what it feels like to have autism. My follow-up, what he dubbed “my mom’s long speech”, couldn’t compare to his works, his ability to regulate himself to speak in front of a room of strangers.  There were so many excellent physicians, including Ann Neumeyer and Andrew’s neurologist Kristen Lindgren who I both greatly admire, present.  Assume competence. Always. My son- the self-advocate. Awesome.

I spoke about our experiences with medical professionals and how hospitals and doctors can make the experience more autism-friendly.  We feel very fortunate that Andrew receives his care from MGH Hospital for Children from a stellar team of caring and incredibly smart folks.  For a kid with an IQ that tests at 52, I’d say he’s rocking the world.11229762_10206332904555576_4918847498284323052_n