The beauty of it all


This bracelet was a gift from a client’s family.  This is a beautiful reminder of why I do the work I do. Maybe, in some small way, my work can be a piece of the puzzle that helps a family navigate the system while parenting a child with autism (or another disability).

Whether it’s a team meeting, mediation, or a hearing, I work to empower parents, collaborate with districts, all in an attempt to obtain meaningful outcomes for kids.  That’s the bottom line, after all, isn’t it?  The family, outside evaluators, sometimes an attorney, and I make up a team that works together to persuade someone to change their mind about what a child needs.

When the process is successful, kids are given the tools to fly.  Parents can laugh again; the knots in their stomachs untangled.  Educational advocates can smile when a client says : “Now that X is resolved, I’ll be glad not to talk to you all-the-time.” Resolution and collaboration are wonderful things and it makes an educational advocate very happy to see her clients relieved and to see them smile.

Carry on…