To moms everywhere

I want to offer a huge shout-out to moms everywhere, with extra-warm wishes to those who do the extra-challenging work of loving and raising children with disabilities.  I am blessed to call you friends, peers, and, many of you, clients.   It’s my pleasure to help support you in advocating for your beautiful children.

I also recognize this is a day some of us view with sadness, or perhaps a mixture of joy and sadness.  It is not necessarily easy for those of us whose kids can’t yet make cards or cook/assemble a breakfast in bed.  I know there are many of us whose kids can’t say “Happy Mother’s Day”.   (We all don’t have husbands to help them, either).  Motherhood is not, for any number of reasons, what some of us expected it to be.

Wishing you all well, today, and always.