Home-Based Services

IEP Tip:  Home-based services can not be unilaterally defined by a school district to serve a specific purpose, nor can the district decide they can’t be used for something (ie: ABA encompassing academic IEP goals to ensure there is mastery of skills across settings). 

Don’t accept “We don’t do that here”. 

Don’t accept “We don’t provide tutoring”, in response to a parent asking why academic ABA programs wouldn’t be provided during home ABA hours.  The team is responsible for ensuring skills are generalized across settings (school, home, and community).

Any related service is to be defined by the IEP team to address a child’s unique needs resulting from their disability.  Ask any school district who tells you “we don’t do that” for their written policy. They won’t be able to provide one because such a policy, one dictating unilateral conditions of a related service, would be in clear violation of a FAPE (Free and Appropriate Public Education).