Why hire an educational advocate?

  • Your child needs an IEP, or more or different services than they are currently receiving
  • Your attempts to communicate and meet with the school are not successful
  • Your child seems to not be making progress, academically or socially, or perhaps is unable to maintain peer relationships
  • IEP meetings have an “us vs. them feeling”, with “them” being 10 people and you alone; you don’t feel like part of the team
  • You have independent evaluators and clinicians working with your child and you need help in how to present their feedback to the school team effectively
  • Your child may be getting good grades on their report card, but on standardized tests meant to measure grade-level skills (ie: MCAS) they are failing or not meeting standards
  • Your child needs helps with behavior at home, or may require intensive services to address skill acquisition outside of the school setting, or needs to learn to carryover skills mastered in school to home and community
  • You need a pair of experienced eyes to guide you through the confusing special education process

My job is to provide families the support they need to obtain the appropriate services for their son or daughter and to empower them in the special education process.  I offer comprehensive record review, team meeting attendance, letter writing, and, in some cases, classroom observations.  I  connect with outside providers and the school-based team and collaborate effectively to get your child what they need to succeed.

phone (781) 308-4577  or email: collinsadvocacy@gmail.com

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